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 SweGreen offers a unique concept based on industrial ecosystem services for mimicking nature indoors in an optimized way to produce top quality and locally grown herbs and leafy greens! Our farm in Stockholm is a successful proof of concept that combines modern plant science, smart vertical farming solutions and the art of agriculture with Swedish world-class engineering and innovative technologies.

Smart Hydrophonic

Hydroponic is the art of growing plants without soil in controlled-environment agricultural systems. The seeds pre-grow in germination chambers and then take place on growing vertical towers fed by nutrient solution and nutrition-rich water in an optimized way. Vertical farming systems are multi-layer growing structures that enable us to grow plants very space-effective and with small area footprint. In closed-environment farming, there is no need for pesticides, chemicals and spraying the plants as well!

All processes are defined in a smart way so that needs of plants in case of humidity, irrigation, CO2 for photosynthesis, temperature, ventilation, nutrition and even lighting are met in perfect settings. Water-cooled LED lights give the plants the energy to perform the photosynthesis cycle in a flawless course, which hand in hand with others parameters enables the best yield, taste, texture and form for the produce. We produce 200 times yield/area versus traditional farming with minimal resources all year round!


Circular, Efficient & Effective!

Aside from the optimized input of all demanded resources to grow the plants, the circularity of our unique technology makes our system entirely circular and zero-waste in a holistic point of view and in connection to our host buildings.

The circles of energy, water and nutrition are all closed loops, which enable efficiency and guaranty effectively of the processes. By help of this circular solutions we recycle all the nutrition solution back into the system, re-direct all the irrigation water and dehumidify all the perspired liquid which minimized our water footprint by 200 times! Our water-cooled LEDs and smart circular energy system in combination with the host building’s geothermal facilities and city’s district cooling grids, lower down our energy footprint by 90%!

Smaller ecological footprint in all possible ways, which builds a solid profitable and sustainable case!

Smart Data

All the mentioned above it enabled by help of digital technologies and data management based on IoT and sensing. All our many data points in the physical site, flows and as well the harvest circle are monitored, reviewed and tested for improving our production and growing system.  All data on flows are checked and available real-time and remote to maximize control and efficiency of our farms.

Applied technologies and tools such Artificial Intelligence, data screening and vision diagnostics gives us the advantage to position ourselves in forefront of the industry and the edge of tech development, to present the next-gen smart farming systems of the future already today!




SweGreen has sustainability in its DNA! All the inputs such as energy used in the farm are from renewable sources; and all material such as growing substrate, packaging material, nutrition solutions etc. has been chosen carefully from renewable, recycled, natural and organic matter to exploit the general sustainability of our farms and showcase that a fossil-free future based on renewables is possible in a global scale!

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