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Smart Real Estate SolutionsĀ 

SweGreen offers an exceptional green solution to any type of buildings and real-estate properties!

SweGreen offers an exceptional green solution to any type of buildings and real-estate properties. By help of our technology for growing greens indoor and in controlled-environment, we offer smart urban farming as a new function to real-estate owners and developers!

Smartness of buildings and real-estate facilities depends on circularity of resources used such as energy and has direct impact on the environmental impact and carbon emissions of the facility. Circular economy solutions, smartness and engineering technologies enable us to offer an attractive opportunity to reduce building footprints, have attractive and profitable tenant ideas and a greener profile to properties.

Swedish world-class engineering know-hows for connecting urban flows in a circular way, digital solutions and smart urban farming technologies; all create a green package that suits all with minimal adjustments!

Digitalization, IoT, data science and AI as enabling tools help us to offer advanced energy recycling solution and exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen resulting to boosted air quality and indoor standards.

Smart Urban Farms are attractive and profitable modern tenants for properties, which enable green investment and attractive green built environment opportunities.

Social impact at community level and for the residents and tenants, environmental positive impact and climate neutralization of property footprints and last but not least, economical benefits of such facilities allow the early-adopters in the real-estate industry to place themselves ahead of an upcoming technological transformative trend!



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