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SweGreen’s R&D projects are strategically defined in areas of Smart Urban Farming, Smart City innovations from nanoscale to micro and macro scale, digital technologies and Real-Estate solutions. The vision behind the strategy is leading in time of technological change, impact innovation for sustainability and collaboration at national, continental and international level based on offering competitive Swedish premier know-how, engineering knowledge and technology. We collaborate with academia, private and public sector.

Our expertise, competencies and tendency for defining projects could be categorized in the fields below:

  • Smart flows, circular economy, infrastructure-integrated smart farming system incorporated into building flow management and in relation to smartness of grids. In a broader perspective and at macro level, relevant projects on management of Food- Energy-Water (-waste) Nexus for creation modern urban management models.

  • Environmental Impact in area of climate neutralization, community level smartness and social sustainability.

  • Testbed, offering our Cityfarm as a world unique 100% closed-environment farm in heart of Stockholm as a tested for practical piloting, viability testing and even prototyping for joint-development of relevant products and technologies; A platform for conducting viability and up-scaling capacity of rigorous high-tech solutions on a transparent and reliable platform.

Refining ideas and combining technologies to viable solutions and products with focus on sustainability, impact and development and optimization around following main focus areas are conceivable:

  • Smart urban farming technologies, optimization and efficiency of farming techniques

  • Digital technologies such as IoT solutions for sensing and measurement, Device Connectivity Platform envisioned platforms, traceability, vision diagnostics and image analysis and digital scanning.

  • Data management and Use of AI and development of optimization and management systems based on Machine Learning, algorithm generation and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Robotics and system/process automation

As your innovation project partner, SweGreen contributes from vision to R&D and offers a vibrant, sharp and skilled team plus a systemic know-how for collaboration on all national to international level projects based on grants, funds and other operational models in a triple-helix approach.

Do you have a lead or prospect for project partnership? Get in contact, with us! SweGreen as well has knowledge transfer and educational function through formats of:

– Conducting and arrangement of workshops

– Booking speakers for your internal events or external conferences 

Study tours to our facilities in Stockholm

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Internship position for Erasmus-supported students

Two vacancies to apply for Urban Farmer / R&D Coordinator – Reach out to contacts for further details and descriptions!

Closing Date: Open for 2019/2020 semesters / Salary: Erasmus-granted students are qualified

– Thesis Project Positions (MSc., MA)

Three vacancies to apply for thesis projects at SweGreen as industrial project partner  / Reach out to contact below for further details and descriptions! Students with background in Horticulture, environmental sciences, data science and industrial engineering including energy engineering are preferred. Language enquiry: English / Swedish is only a plus. The research topic is negotiable to frame within the SweGreen areas of interest.

Closing Date: Open for 2020/2021 semester / Salary: N/A

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