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World’s first automated In-Store farming unit takes place at ICA Focus in Gothenburg

Swegreen in collaboration with ICA Focus in Gothenburg, becomes the exclusive producer of hyper locally grown vegetables via an automated cultivation system inside the store itself. The very first one in Sweden and world’s first in-store system to produce leafy greens and herbs in the store from seed to fully grown plants.

The agreement is based on Swegreen’s subscription-based Farming-as-a-Service, which gives food retailers and restaurants the opportunity to offer their customers fresh crops all year round – harvested directly on site or in store.

This offer is based on so-called hydroponic cultivation technology that is both resource efficient and climate smart. The technical solution also includes the company’s special lighting and nutrient recipe, air conditioning system for control of heat, humidity and CO2 content plus a complete digital monitoring – as well as a data-driven intelligent system for optimization of all cultivation processes. Through Swegreen subscription-based business model, Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS), the cooperation between the parties is based on a long-term commitment where Swegreen ensures efficient production at agreed volumes and quality.

Our FaaS model means that every store and restaurant owner can offer hyper-local, fresh
and high-quality crops that are fantastically nutritious and tasty – at very competitive prices. 


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